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My Real Pages

This is an online system for realtors allowing them to instantly post their real estate listings with photos on their own web site without a need for hiring a webmaster.


List And Track

This is an online system for realtors allowing them to keep track of showings of their listings. It allows the agent and unlimited number of assistants to book showings, generate statistics and send reports to sellers.

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Information Technology Job Board

Our e-Job solution allows job seekers and recruiters easily and efficiently post and search resumes and job offers. A system of "wizards" eases resume creation by incorporating keywords that are queried by recruiters. Each user can set up automated e-mail alerts sent when the database changes and a certain search criteria is met.

The Total e-Cash Solution.

For business use Merchants can process payments from their own web sites, monitor sales and get complete financial reports.

For personal use Members can use it to securely store unlimited number of profiles each representing one form of payment (any number of Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Accounts, Wire Transfer Instructions, Money Gram Accounts, Western Union Accounts etc.) Members can transfer money between each other, deposit or withdraw funds to or from any payment profile or pay to any participating merchant. And all that in just one click of a mouse after they log in.

Technically it is the closest competitor to PayPal.com.

* Graphics and some programming was done by another company.

A unique MLM Solution.

This solution is built with Application Service Provirer mode in mind. This web site is one of many different sites with identical software behind all of them serving them all at the same time without having each of them to have their own dedicated servers running our software.

Each MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company can sell any product(s) online and promote it to its members. Many pages of the site, including the home page, are automatically personalized for each member individually.

Members can join online, pay their fees, receive money rewards and bonuses, sponsor other members etc. Members can form matrixes of diferent sizes, each containing several members. All matrixes are strictly hierarchically structured depending on each MLM company's business rules. Members can view their whole downline, send messages to members "below" them, monitor traffic to their personalized pages and a lot more.

* Some programming was initially done by another company.

On-Line Documentation Catalogue

A web-catalog of documentation files was created for a large insurance corporation. This catalog includes a flexible document guide (tree-like structure), a convenient search engine, an index, and an extremely effective yet simple administrative core process.
This project was completed using our e-Catalog solution. The site includes proprietory technologies for a precise *.DOC to HTML file conversion.

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