Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Web Programming

SmartTech.net programmers will implement the latest Internet technologies when designing software for your e-commerce projects. These can include web-based applications for database access, on-line shopping, transaction security, statistical surveying and data processing, news distribution, user query processing, results delivery, multimedia interaction and much more.

We can offer ready-made web-applications based on existing solutions. We can also provide continuing support for the site for the entire duration of its use.

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Web Site Promotion and Support

SmartTech.net professionals will provide you not only with advise on domain names and their registration but also web hosting and site promotion. We will also do everything we can to ensure the popularity of your future web site (search engine registration, general and specialized directories listings, banner advertising and link exchange programs etc.). Our experts will provide you with the most efficient and practical solutions to update your existing or new web site and further its development.

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